Axel Arnbak

Axel Arnbak is a full-time faculty at the Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam, working on cybersecurity, information security, privacy, and freedom of speech. In 2013-14, Axel is visiting the US as a research fellow at the Berkman Center at Harvard University and the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University. He blogs about privacy, security, and information law in general at Freedom to Tinker. For his Ph.D. project, Axel is researching the relationship between communications security and the law. He has published on HTTPS/TLS governance, cloud surveillance by intelligence agencies, communications security conceptualizations and website blocking. His writings have spurred several parliamentary debates on the European and Dutch level and has been covered by the Financial Times, CBS News, Sud Deutsche and the Wall Street Journal. In 2009 and two years onwards, Axel was part of the core team that re-started Dutch digital rights organization Bits of Freedom and revitalized European Digital Rights. Amongst others, Bits of Freedom secured the adoption of a digital freedoms package that contains the first net neutrality law ever adopted in Europe. Axel has an LL.M. in information law and was awarded the Internet Thesis Award 2009 and general University of Amsterdam Thesis Award 2010 for his thesis on the fundamental rights aspects of the EU Data Retention Directive.  

Twitter: @axelarnbak