Rafik Dammak

Rafik Dammak is a Tunisian working as computer engineer for NTT Communications in Tokyo. He is a former public co-leader for the Creative Commons Tunisian license project, former member of the steering committee for the Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles, and coordinator of the Youth Coalition on Internet Governance. He has been involved in the ICANN community as a Non-Commercial Users Constituency individual user member, a former elected GNSO councillor for the Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group, and a ICANN nomcom member. He has participated in several ICANN working groups such as the Joint New gTLD Applicant Support Working Group (JAS WG) where he was the co-chair. He was also elected as chair of the Non-Commercial Stakeholders Group. He is member of OECD ICCP CSISAC steering committee, and a member of the program committee for the Asia Pacific regional IGF and Japan IGF, and has attended several global IGFs and the first summer school on Internet Governance.

Twitter: @rafik