Daniel Deudney

Daniel Deudney teaches political science, international relations and political theory at Johns Hopkins University. His areas of research are general international relations theory and geopolitics, political theory and republicanism, and contemporary global-technological issues (nuclear, outer space, environment, and energy). He holds a BA in political science and philosophy (Yale University), an MPA in science, technology, and public policy (George Washington University), and a PhD in political science (Princeton University). He served as senior legislative assistant for energy and environment, and legislative director, to Senator John Durkin (D-NH), senior researcher at the Worldwatch Institute in Washington D.C, and senior research fellow at the TransAtlantic Academy at the German Marshall Fund in Washington D.C. His most recent book, Bounding Power: Republican Security Theory from the Polis to the Global Village (Princeton University Press, 2007), was co-winner of the Jervis-Schroeder Prize for the best book in international politics and history by the American Political Science Association, and was co-winner of the Book of the Decade award from the International Studies Association. His current book projects are Dark Skies: Space Expansion and Planetary Geopolitics; and Home Rules: Planetary Geopolitics and Republican GreenPeace.