James Galvin

James Galvin is director of Strategic Relationships and Technical Standards at Afilias, supporting and managing the company’s relationships within Internet and IT communities. As an active, long-time member of these communities, Dr. Galvin participates in the development of the founding technical standards and policies upon which Internet applications and services are developed. He was an integral participant in the initial development of Internet standards for secure email, domain name system security (DNSSEC), and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) security. He has chaired working groups, served as document editor, and managed public domain implementations of IETF security protocols since 1989. His many years of technical consulting experience include critical infrastructure design and analysis, risk management, and project management. Currently, Dr. Galvin serves as the vice-chair of ICANN’s Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC). Dr. Galvin has a B.Sc. from Moravian College with a double major in computer science and mathematics. He holds a M.A. in computer science and information systems from the University of Delaware where he also earned his Ph.D. with a dissertation entitled “Distributed Cryptographic Key Management System.”