Fieke Jansen

Fieke Jansen is based at Hivos where she is the programme manager of the Digital Defenders Partnership (DDP), a competitive grant making mechanism that provides support to organisations and individuals working in the digital emergency field. The Partnership was established to provide rapid response to a range of threats to internet freedom: from supporting bloggers and cyber activists who find themselves under attack, to facilitating the deployment of emergency Internet in countries where the Internet is not free or not accessible. Prior to the DDP she was working at Hivos on Internet freedom and technology for transparency in the Global South and she ran the Digital Natives with a Cause knowledge programme. Fieke has a M.A. in international communications and an advanced M.A. in international development cooperation where she looked at the role of media and digital technologies in social change processes like digital activism in repressive environments. She is interested in understanding the new spaces, grey areas, and changing dynamics that technologies bring to the world.

Twitter: @FiekeJ