Farhaan Ladhani

Farhaan Ladhani is the Deputy Director for Direct Diplomacy at the Department of Foreign Affairs Trade and Development Canada. This initiative is focused on engaging with non-state political actors seeking to increase the openness, inclusiveness and responsiveness of their political systems. Mr. Ladhani’s foreign assignments include the Head of Section for Strategic Communications in Kandahar where he lead a team of Afghan and international partners responsible for executing strategic communications and public diplomacy initiatives throughout Kandahar Province.  From 2006 to 2008, Farhaan was based in Washington, D.C. at the Embassy of Canada where he focused on the development of social and new media advocacy initiatives. In 2011, Farhaan was a Principal at Cloud to Street, a project to connect Egyptian democracy activists with technology expertise and to better understand the intersection between cyberspace and political space in the Egyptian revolution.