Arul Prakkash

Arul Prakkash is the executive director of KOMAS, having dedicated 9 years as a full time staff member and three years working as a part time volunteer after finishing high school and college in Kuala Lumpur. Prakkash also works with urban poor youth, indigenous communities, and other grassroot communities on how to use media/technology as a empowering and organising tool to fight for their rights. He is also involved in setting up community media centers and training various NGOs and communities on video, popular communication and human rights. He was involved recently in setting up, training, and initiating citizen driven election observation (web based) for the recently concluded 2013 Malaysian general elections. As an advocate of human rights through Internet and technology, he founded code4change with the goal of empowering and supporting non-profit organisations and communities in-need through the use of digital information and communication technologies to effect social and environmental change.