Carolina Rossini

Carolina Rossini has more than thirteen years of experience in international law, transactions, and policy, with a specific focus on internet, telecom, intellectual property and human rights. In February 2014 she joined Public Knowledge, where she is leading their international work. Previously Carolina was a Project Director at New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute, the International Intellectual Property Director at Electronic Frontiers Foundation (EFF), a fellow at the Berkman Center at Harvard University, and has consulted for organizations like Wikimedia Foundation, Freedom House, UNESCO, USAID, UNDP, and more. Alongside her work as a Global Partners Digital Associate, Carolina is an advisory board member of Open Knowledge Foundation in Brazil and of Saylor Foundation in the USA. She is also a strong advocate for open access to research, open data in government and science and open educational resources, and has founded and lead the Open Educational Resources Project in Brazil with concrete legislative and policy change results already in place and grants from the Open Society Foundation. She is a Brazilian lawyer and before moving to the US about seven years ago, she worked at the Center for Technology and Society at FGV-Rio and as a transactions attorney for Telefonica’s ISP in Brazil, Terra. She has an LL.M. on intellectual property from Boston University, an M.B.A from the Instituto de Empresa Business School, an M.A. in international economic negotiations from University of Campinas/Sao Paulo State University, and a JD from the University of São Paulo.

Twitter: @carolinarossini