Aadya Shukla

Aadya Shukla is a Research Scientist at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab. She applies computational approaches for the analysis and evaluation of norms and models of governance in cyberspace. As Science, Technology and Public Policy Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School her research focused on aspects of cyber security (construction of computational models to conceptualize cyberspace (cyber ontology construction and mapping), comparative analysis of national cyber strategies, formulation of frameworks to measure the impact of innovative semantic technologies in the public domain, and use of trustworthy computing in electronic government. Before joining Harvard in 2010, Aadya was elected Microsoft Research Doctoral Scholar at the Department of Computer Science, Oxford researching the semantic interoperation problem in large scale information systems. Aadya has worked (2000–2006) as a Senior Scientist for the Siemens Limited (Germany), EMBL-Cambridge and Medical Research Council-Oxford engaging in research in computational biology, bioinformatics, expert system design, ontology, and large-scale data integration. She has taught at Harvard (School of Engineering), Oxford (Computer Science) and at the Stanford University Centre, Oxford. Aadya has co-published extensively including in Nature Genetics. Aadya was elected Great Eastern Fellow at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford and Royal Dutch Shell Centenary Scholar at University of Edinburgh.